Katrina Vasquez, RIP

Katrina Vasquez

Katrina Vasquez

Katrina Vasquez
July 1974 – June 2000

I put a page with some of Katrina’s music and photos on Archive.org: Pumalin and Beautiful Schizophrenic.


chris says:

I still think of her sometimes.

kim hanna says:

Are you sure that the Katrina Vasquez in these pictures isn’t a different Katrina Vasquez???? I’ve known the one in those pictures since she was three years old. My mom was a friend of her grandmother’s. (and we know her mother) I didn’t know she died and I’ve been looking for her. I still don’t believe it.

Rise_Robot says:

I miss her too. She was a brilliant woman. Artistic on many fronts. You’d know this by hanging out with her in a few moments. It would have been nice to see her continue to develop. I know she had a rough start, but she turned that around in a big way. I’ll be having some drinks for her tonight. RIP Hopey!

Mikael says:

today i visited her grave at hollywood forever and took some pictures, my brother remembers her from the kontrol faktory days in hollywood, i kinda remember her, RIP Katrina “Hopey”

- Mike Orgillon

Mischa says:

I think of Katrina all the time. I still feel robbed. I’ll miss you until I see you again… Love, Mischa

Iris says:

I always think about her, funny I have the original print to the pics on the site, i think i took the pic it’s the Earhtlink parking lot we use to work together. I actually have her childhood photo album maybe I should send pics so they can posted. Please contact me if ur interested.

I miss her so much

/\/\ /\ X says:

Thanks for putting this up. Its tragic really… I am a filmmaker and am forced to drive by Hollywood Forever and it gets under my skin just as much today as it did several thousand times ago.

Best just not to take Santa Monica Blvd.

Willy says:

A little story to share with other Kat lovers: We met in high school at a depressing time form me, made me smile when I thought I couldn’t. A lot of my friends felt Kat was not a good friend for me. After graduating I lent her $1,000 to help buy a car and go to school. As everyone who knew her knew, she had a lot of bad breaks in her life. My friends called her a deadbeat, I said “she’ll pay me back when she can. She’s my friend and I trust her.” It took maybe five years, but she paid me back every cent after a car accident settlement, plus a bit extra. That’s when she started to really get her life together and her singing really took off. All my friends finally saw her for the caring, loving friend she always was to me. We drifted in and out of each other’s life for years and I found out she was gone when someone contacted me to tell me she named me in her life insurance. I bought a home with it (i’ve since sold it and moved north), planted a tree in her memory. It was the home Katrina help make. She was a flower plucked too early.

Mark Simons says:

Very nice to read comments from people fortunate enough to have known Katrina Vasquez. I first heard her voice on some Pumalin mp3′s a friend let me listen to a few years ago- hauntingly beautiful. I immediately tried to track down any other recordings by Katrina, only to learn that she had tragically passed away. I frequently listen to those recordings, wondering what might have been. Thank you for sharing.

Devan says:

Several years back, a friend sent me a big pile of mp3s. As I was going through them, I found six songs by Pumalin. I could barely deal with how great they were. I asked my friend where I could get more of this haunting, beautiful music, and she told me the story of what happened to Katrina. I have listened to those six songs over and over for years since then, and every time it makes me as sad as it did when I first heard what happened. Life is so uncaring to take her away right as her star was about to rise.

I think what plagues me the most is that, with each passing year, these six treasures on my iPod become more and more obscure. I wonder how long before all the people who listen to her music could fit in one small room. What a tragedy. I wish I could have met her. I suppose the best I can do is to keep playing these songs for other people and telling what I know of her story.

Mark _ says:

Well said Devan. I think that is indeed the best way to keep her memory alive- sharing what little music we are fortunate to have.


I unfortuantly also discovered Pumalin as many after the tragic death of Katrina but i clearly remember the first time i ever listened to one of their songs. i remember what a huge impact it made! I remember just falling in love with her voice. I had a couple of their songs i downloaded from mp3.com from the hidden sanctuary section but the files where accidently erased so i was wondering if anyone can help me out with getting a couple of their songs? i would really apriciate it.

Devan says:

Hey Jessica, I’ll send you the 6 songs I have if you’d like to email me (slimgoodbody at gmail dot com) or leave your email here.

Iris says:

Hey Devan.

I would appreciate if you could send me some Pumalin music also. I am lucky enough to have her solo project music under “Beautiful Schitzophrenic” & all the covers she did for Vitamin records but have no PUMALIN at all.


Devan says:

Here’s the 6 I have. I hosted them on RapidShare, which unfortunately has a 10 download limit, so if you wanna spread it to your friends you’ll eventually have to either reupload it somewhere or just email the songs directly to them or something.

Any chance you could put up the solo music and covers? I’ve never been fortunate enough to hear them.

In any case, I hope you enjoy Pumalin as much as I have. :)

Kenn says:

To everyone asking for copies of Katrina’s music, I’ve uploaded MP3s of both Pumalin and Beautiful Schizophrenic.

Thanks for your thoughts, everyone.

Devan says:

Kenn! Thank you so much! What a great idea. I can’t wait to listen to these.

Paton says:

Hi. This is a bit strange. Lately I was tidying up my CD-Rs which contained mp3z I collected during 2000s. In one of the discs I found some tracks by Pumalin and a song called “NOW” by Timechanic which was possibly another project by Katrina. What a beautiful track!Then, I tried to look for more information of Timechanic/ Pumalin. And here I am, saddened by her death, but am glad to have re-discovered her beautiful voice and this lost gem, 9 years after such beauty was crafted.

May Katrina R.I.P.

Bless from the Far East.

Kenn says:

@Paton: Thanks. Katrina wasn’t involved in Timechanic. I know the song you’re talking about though and it is similar to her style.


i was always under the impression that katrina was involved in Timechanic since i had read it somewhere online years ago, can anyone tell me where i can get the song Now from Timechanic since the only copy i have is on a horrible scratched cd. I would really really appreciate it

chritine armstrong says:

i am a friend of katrinas moter shenevr had a chance to say good by if youcould please shae the memories of her last year with her mother i would greatly appreciate it she would like some of her music please email me wih stories of her her mother is terminallyill and doesnt hve much time left then she will be with katrina let her know the kind and compashinet women that her daughter was

chris says:

Hi Christine
Please send me your email adress and I can share my story with Katrina with you.

Kenn says:

I put a page with some of Katrina’s music and photos on a music-related site of mine: http://www.softblackstars.org/pumalin/

You can get MP3s from both Pumalin and Beautiful Schizophrenic there, as well as some other pictures.

- I visited Katrina today, it was nice and peaceful at Hollywood Forever, i usually go maybe twice a year and walk around the cemetery and visit Johnny Ramon and others as well……..see you later this year Katrina!

- Mike Orgillon / S.E.M;I

Heidi Her mother says:

she was and is and always will be my heart soul and life soon we will be reunited I am a true believer or someones’ getting kicked in the shins lol god and I are on a first name basis he calls me heidi and I call him god or dad or something less reverent but he is with me always. I sent flowers in June anyone see them were they perfect 9 red 3 white. I am dying from a doctors screw up mostly but no big deal got to be greener on the other side I am an orphan in al ldirections and my only regrets are these Ican’t go to her grave. My cats worry me they are good friends.I didn’t mik a cow and that I did not go before her to make a home for her there but knowing her and me there’d be some comment about shirly temple and how she is not going to tolerate it lol thanks email me I am kinda nice actually
In loving memory Katrina’s mother
p.s. heelpwanthermusiclostpartofthisemail