Jumping on the bandwagon

Wow, what am I doing with one of these? I wonder if I’ll keep it up-to-date? I suppose we’ll see. I created this Livejournal account mainly for the friends list, so I don’t have to individually read a bunch of different journals. I just may end up writing in mine as well.

So I wanted to join Sarai and Sean for Release the Bats last night, but decided to stay home with an allergy attack instead. I’m feeling much better today but there’s nothing to do tonight. It figures. At least I’ve got the Death in June show to go to on Monday.


choralone23 says:

ha…you have been assimilated ;)

hey, so when are you going to update your webpage, yo :p

raindrops says:

Oi, you’ve become one of us…

Wish I had the $$ to go to DiJ. :-(

kchrist says:

Funny you should mention that. I just recently remembered that the thing even exists and am currently in the middle of updating it. I’m re-writing parts of it, adding some other stuff, and converting a few things from simple SSIs to PHP. I’m thinking of making a few minor design changes too but those probably won’t go up until the next revision.

kchrist says:

That sucks. Surely you’ve got someone who owes you, don’t you? I’ll buy you a drink if someone else can get you there.