My new laptop is now truly mobile. My wireless networking stuff was delivered today. I got an Orinoco RG1100 access point and an Orinoco Gold PCMCIA card. I had a little trouble getting it set up properly, but it seems to be working fine now and I get a good strong signal in every part of my house. I haven’t tried it outside yet.

The Death in June show the other night was really good (other than the venue sucking). I was a little disturbed by the American flag Douglas Pierce was waving around at the beginning; All this flag-waving patriotism is annoying enough coming from Americans, I don’t expect to see it from non-Americans too. I was particularly impressed by Boyd Rice coming back out at the end of their set and doing some of his “Music, Martinis, and Misanthropy” stuff. I never expected to hear any of that live.

Meeting at work tomorrow morning. I hate Thursdays.


mrgrifter says:

I thought he was mocking the nationalism going on in our country. I’m not a DIJ scholar, but that sounds more in line with the band than supporting the U.S.’s activities. Plus, it’s a clever shield against any protests that DIJ could draw. Thank God nobody showed up to photograph the girl with the Nazi armband. She seemed all too willing to talk to people about it.

kchrist says:

That could be it, but it doesn’t really seem his style. It was more than just the flag: He did that “Where is Bin Laden” bit at the beginning of C’est Un Reve, and he changed one line in Death of the West to “… and the Taliban too”. Some review I read noted one other mention of lyric-changing, but I didn’t catch it.

I didn’t notice any Nazis at this show. I was wondering about that beforehand, because there were a some obvious ones at their LA show a few years ago.

mrgrifter says:

You didn’t see the girl in the SS outfit, complete with Nazi hat and Nazi armband?

kchrist says:

Ha! No, I must have missed her. We went upstairs right after we talked to you and stayed up there with Nancy and Tom the rest of the evening.

If I had seen her I would have taken a picture of her, just to make her feel like a freak. Unless she was really scary and looked like she could kick my ass :/

talaitha says:

heh, is that why you take pictures of people, to make them feel like freaks?

kchrist says:

No, only Nazis :)