Death Cab for Cutie

I spent most of last weekend drinking, due to Thatchery being down from Monterey for a couple days. He met me at work on Saturday and we went to the Colorado for a drink, then back to my house. Sarai came over after work and we went to dinner, then out for drinks again. Sunday was spent at Jojo and Mick’s house, where they were having a bit of a get-together for people who needed to recover from Easter family gatherings. That wasn’t the case for Thatch and myself, but we didn’t let that stop us from going over there around 4:00pm and drinking for a few hours.

Nothing that exciting is going on this weekend. I’m not sure yet what my plans are, if I have any at all. I had wanted to pick up some parts I need for my car, but that requires use of Nathan’s truck and he’s going to be off camping somewhere.

The weekend was spent listening to Death Cab for Cutie, who I’ve recently gotten into. They were recommended by someone on Slashdot, of all places. The only album I’ve heard so far is Forbidden Love, but I really like it and want to hear more.