Herbalife pyramid schemes

So it seems Herbalife is behind all those “Work from home” and “Make $1500 a week!” signs you see plastered all over the place. I’m not surprised. I figured it was something sleazy, probably a pyramid scheme of some sort. Those signs are even uglier and more annoying than cars with 2by2.net stickers (speaking of pyramid schemes).

Rob Cockerham has written up his findings after investigating the source of these signs.

Coincidentally, just the other day I busted someone who was spamming for some Make Money Fast scam. It turns out he was an Herbalife “Independent Distributor” hawking the same sort of program that the signs are promoting.


Sonia says:


My name is Sonia and I have just joined Herbalife last week, I have paid $322.60 to join and have sent off my Application for Distributorship to Herbalife. I only sent it last Friday but today being just 2 days later I have been warned against it. I want out. How do I go about this?

I am single mum and have just become unemployed. The small business I worked for had been sold and moved out of state. As I was casual, I left with nothing but my last weeks pay and was trying to get a new job quick.

In my hastiness I have been suckered in to this which is my own fault I know but any advice you could give me would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you


Kenneth Delaney says:

Herbalife are scum sucking leeches. Get out quick before you loose everything