Neighbor turnover

My next door neighbor is moving away. This makes me happy. When my last neighbor moved out I wanted a friend of mine to move in, but she somehow talked our landlord into renting to her little sister instead. And now, three months later, it seems that renting to a high school kid wasn’t such a good idea after all. My landlord remembered about Steve T. and called me to see if he was still interested. He is, and I put them in touch. In the meantime, no one has talked to the current neighbor about this. She left a message on our landlord’s answering machine stating that she’d be moving out in a few days, but she’s incredibly hard to get in touch with, so neither of us has actually talked to her about it.

I wonder if this is a result of my telling her the other day that we have to hire a gardener if she’s not going to keep our shared lawn in shape. Probably not, unless she realized that she can’t afford to live on her own after all. Working part time as a restaurant hostess can’t pay that well. It’s not that I dislike her at all, she’s a nice enough girl, but she’s just a kid and I’d much rather live next door to someone I would want to hang out with and who won’t have other juvenile delinquents hanging around dropping cigarette butts all over our lawn (You damn kids stay off my lawn!).

Reason magazine has a good article on-line about the CBDTPA (formerly the SSSCA) and why it’s an incredibly bad idea for everyone except Disney, RIAA/MPAA-type organizations, and certain highly paid-off Senators. I subscribed to Reason ($15/year) a month or so ago and I’m still waiting for my first issue to arrive.


kscaldef says:

There seems to be a lot of evidence that these people just don’t understand anything about how computers work. sigh…

saraicat says:

yippee! I think we willed her away by repeating “I wish she would move” enough times. :)