Worst episode ever

So I was sitting here watching the Simpsons, as I usually do on Sunday nights, and an ad for tonight’s X-Files comes on. I have nothing in particular to do so I decide to watch it. I used to watch The X-Files religiously, taping the ones I wasn’t going to be home for and so on. That lasted until season six or so when it really started going downhill, at which point my interested started to fade. Tonight was the first episode I’ve watched since then. Big mistake that turned out to be.

Tonight’s episode was called Sunshine Days and featured David “Bud Bundy” Faustino. It was further proof, as if any more was needed, that the X-Files should have quit after season five like they said they were going to.

In a nutshell, this episode is about a telekenetic man named Oliver Martin who is obsessed with the Brady Bunch to the point that he creates this Brady Bunch world to live in (Oliver Martin is, as they explain to us, also the name of “Cousin Oliver” on the show). The inside of his house is exactly like the Brady residence and he wills the characters into being to keep him company. And no, this wasn’t one of their comedy episodes.

The high point of the show was Bud Faustino saying “Here’s to you, buddy” and pouring beer on the ground to honor his dead friend in true Boyz in the Hood fashion.

The low point, other than the entire plot itself, was all the Mulder references in preparation for his return on the finale episode next week. You know the show is in trouble if you have to make up for Mulder’s absence by saying things like “If Mulder were here…” he would do this or say that and so on.

I do plan to watch the finale next week. I like the earlier seasons so much, I feel like I really should tune in for the last one. At the same time I’m kind of afraid to.

Something amusing: When looking something up on the X-Files web site, I notice that an episode a few weeks ago was titled Jump the Shark. At least they haven’t lost their sense of humor.