Life update in bullet points

Cats aren’t the only thing going on in my life, but they’re probably the only thing interesting enough to write about. The Wild Bunch, as we call the three I caught a week after the original three, are getting a little better around people, but aren’t making as much progress as I had hoped. I want them to be more or less domesticated before I find homes for them. They need to hurry up, because the novelty of having six of these guys around is starting to wear off. I’ll have pictures online to show prospective takers just as soon as I get them.

Quick summary of other recent events:
  • Diana bought me a Buddy Christ statuette for my birthday. I put it on the shelf that already holds my Jesus and Black Jesus action figures. They’re wearing party hats in this picture because it was taken on their birthday (ie, at my x-mas party).
  • We broke in the new ice cream maker Sunday by making Bailey’s milkshakes. It was originally supposed to be Bailey’s ice cream, but the alcohol prevented it from freezing completely. Regardless, they came out very good and now my head is full of other things I want to make.
  • Viagra Falls Tuesday night was pretty good. I hope Shok is able to keep the place open for a while.
  • The monthly LAgoth list meet at the Colorado is tonight. I hope we get a good turnout. There are a few people I’d like to see go because I rarely see them outside of clubs, but we usually just get the same regulars. Not that there’s anything wrong with the regulars, of course, but new faces will keep it from becoming a get-together for just one exclusive group (more than it already is).