Now, 66% more kittens!

I caught Samantha’s kittens this morning, both of them, which brings the kitten population of my house up to five. The first three are almost completely housebroken and feeling mostly comfortable here, and now I’ve gone and introduced two new ones into the mix. So far so good though, the new ones have calmed down a lot and are hanging out with the original group. They were completely insane when I grabbed them this morning: spitting, hissing, scratching, biting. I’m glad they’ve settled down a bit. They still hiss when I get too close, but they let me pet them. That makes them about the same as Grey Kitten, who’s still a little nervous around us.

Samantha is outside crying a little. I hope she gets over it soon. I don’t think she knows I have her kittens in here; she’s just hanging around where she last left them which unfortunately happens to be right outside my kitchen window. Black Cat is around tonight too, which means her last remaining kitten isn’t far off. Now I need to catch that last kitten, but even if I don’t, I still did better than I expected. Five out of six is pretty good. And yes, Black Cat’s remaining kitten is the one I let go the other night, so I could have them all right now. I know, I shouldn’t have let her go, but Black Cat was so sad without them I had to do something.

One of the new kittens is white and the other is striped with white and greys. The white one is a female and the other one isn’t letting me get close enough to find out what she is. Sarai thinks she’s a girl too, so I’ll call her that until we find out for sure. These two will be needing homes soon too.

I’m quite proud of myself for getting these two without using a trap. Before today I didn’t think I’d be able to.