Poor, beleaguered Apple

Isn’t it about time the Macintosh was simply discontinued — put down like an old dog?, asks John Dvorak. PC Mag must really be hurting if they have to print obvious trolls like this in order to boost their page views (read: ad banner impressions). Of course, I know I’m giving them exactly what they want by reposting the URL here.

It’s pretty funny. He basically says that Macs have outlived their usefulness. In my opinion, they’re just now getting good. Before OS X I didn’t care for them at all, but now I would actually very much like to buy one. If I hadn’t just bought this Dell laptop, that is. Instead, I’m going to live vicariously through Sarai when she gets her new iMac.

It seems Dvorak also apparently called the early clamshell iBooks “girly”. The original article has gone missing, but a Google search provides plenty of comments about it. I don’t care for the clamshell models myself, but come on, girly? And this guy is supposed to be a serious journalist? (don’t answer that)


kscaldef says:

That article is lame beyond belief… Dvorak has said some moronic things in the past, but come on… He admits that Apple has done what ten years of linux development hasn’t done (and, let us note what MS also failed to do with NT) and then turns around and says there isn’t any reason for the platform to continue.

Anyway, he really is just a published troll.

saraicat says:

Someone once told me, “the clamshell iBook isn’t girly, I can do arm curls with it on the airplane!”

kchrist says:

He’s definitely trolling, but it seems to be working. There’s a good amount of discussion on Slashdot about it. Granted, everyone is just calling him an idiot but as Oscar Wilde said, the only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about, right? At least from Dvorak and PC Mag’s point of view.