The final kitten

I caught the sixth and final kitten the other day. Yes, another one. This is the one I let go the first night. So now I have all of them. This last one is white with a grey spot on his head, and is absolutely beautiful. He has a ways to go to get to where most of the others are now regarding people, he spits and bites me if I try to pick him up, but he’s very social and playful with the other cats. The others are all somewhere between hissing but tolerating me and actually running out to meet me and hanging around my feet as I walk around my kitchen.

My birthday yesterday was uneventful, as planned. I haven’t really been interested in doing things for my birthday for a few years now. Sarai and I stayed in and had dinner, wine, and carrot cake. She bought me a James Bond coffee table book and an ice cream maker! We’re going to make good use of that this summer: ice cream, frozen yogurt, frozen drinks… Mmmm. I think we’re going to try it out this weekend.


hexed says:


So when are you having an ice cream party?

kchrist says:

Just as soon as I figure out how to use the thing. Oh, and probably after my house is no longer overrun by cats.

hexed says:

Well… we’ll just have to make Kitten Ice Cream.

kchrist says:

Mmmm, kittens…


miss_pixie says:

OMG! I’m soooo sorry that I didn’t call you on your b-day. smacks self in the head


kchrist says:

Yeah, you suck. But at least you didn’t wait until July 6th to wish me a happy birthday this time.

raindrops says:

Dude, I totally thought today was your birthday… oops, and happy friggin’ birthday anyways.

miss_pixie says:

Hahahahaha! that’s the first thing I thought about. I did get your present a while ago so at least that should count for something. grin

What are you doing tomorrow? Chris and I can bring your gift by and maybe do dinner?