Bicycle accident

I hope I never have to use Nextel’s emergency service again. On my way to work this morning I just missed seeing an old man on a bike get hit by a car. I would have seen it happen if I had been looking a bit further ahead. As it was, I noticed it just as the driver was getting out of her car. I stopped in the center turn lane and helped the guy to the grassy median strip and attempted to call 911 on my cell phone. After endless ringing I got a recording: “All operators are busy now…” Luckily other people had stopped by then and I could have someone else call too. She got through immediately using a different cellular service.

One of the people who stopped appeared to be an off-duty doctor or paramedic or something. He grabbed a bag from the back of his car, put on latex gloves, and started getting info from the guy: his name, his age (85), how he was feeling and so on. They guy was bleeding a decent amount (head wounds always bleed a lot) but otherwise I think he’ll be ok. He got up by himself before we moved him to the median strip and he seemed like he was in shock, but he looked physically ok, other than the bang on his head. No broken bones or anything like that. I didn’t have to give a statement because although I was the first person there, I didn’t actually see it happen.