The faces of horror

My digital camera used to be a display model at Sarai's store. The memory card wasn't completely empty when I got it so as a bonus I got a truly horrific picture of some people trying it out. This picture haunts me.



mrgrifter says:

hey, kenn, can i e-mail this picture to Found Magazine, they publish weird things people find on the street etc. I sent them some photos I found in Europe on the street discarded. I'll tell them the story, but not use your name. is their website.

kchrist says:

Sure, go for it. You can use my name if you want, I don't really care either way.

That reminds me, a long time ago I worked in a store next door to a one hour photo place. Every day they would throw out a box of proofs and slightly imperfect prints. Needless to say, we couldn't let a box of pictures sit in the trash without looking through them. We found some really great pictures that way. Too bad I don't have any of them anymore.