I’ve cancelled my digital cable and HBO subscriptions. When did cable TV get so expensive? I remember when basic cable was like $15/month. Until the other day I was paying $67/month for extended basic plus the HBO packages (six channels, including one in Spanish and one childrens channel). I’m now back down to plain old analog basic cable, which still costs $40/month. I think I’ll probably end up dropping that too, as I only use it when something interesting comes on Sci-Fi and on the odd occasion I feel like watching Animal Planet. One of the problems with that is that I don’t have a TV antenna on my roof so I’ll have to pick up some rabbit ears for the top of my TV if I want to be able to watch The Simpsons.

The savings is more than paying for my new Netflix subscription, which I’m pretty happy with. I’ve only gotten three movies so far, but I’ve got another 15 or so in my queue for when I return the ones I have. I have Amelie and The Time Machine here waiting to be watched right now. One of the next movies in the queue is Vampyros Lesbos, which I expect to be awesome. The great thing about Netflix is that you pay a flat rate regardless of how many movies you check out. It’s perfect for seeing all those movies you don’t want to actually pay to rent. </commercial>