I think I should make an effort to be more social when I go out. More often than not, I’ll go out somewhere and end up spending the entire evening hanging out with just the people I went with. This happened most recently at Viagra Falls on the 4th. I don’t mean to imply the event sucked, because it actually seemed to go very well, but Sarai and I didn’t do much socializing and ended up getting bored early, despite knowing a decent number of people there.

After four and a half months I finally got my $100 rebate check from Dell. Printed on the check is the note “VOID AFTER 07/22/2002″. That gives me a two and a half week window to deposit it and for it to clear. Jerks. Good thing it wasn’t delayed in the mail.


mrgrifter says:

You socialized with me – sorry my friend & his sister weren’t more outgoing and I had to keep them entertained myself.

I was just thinking later that night that I was glad I’d gotten to be friends with people I barely knew a year or two ago, like you & Sarai, Legion, and Jay ().

kchrist says:

I am glad I got we got a chance to hang out with you a bit, and we talked briefly with a few other people, but the majority of the time we didn’t. This is pretty typical for me lately. We’ll have to try to hang out together a bit more next time.