Mira at The Knitting Factory

We went to a really good show last night. The lineup was Mira, Midsummer, and Sub.bionic. Sub.bionic, who I had never heard of before, finished up their set right before we got there, so I still don’t know anything about them. There wasn’t a very big crowd there, fewer people than I expected. I thought there would be a big goth turnout, what with Mira being on Projekt and all, but there really wasn’t.

Midsummer sounded pretty good, if a bit derivative. But they made a pleasant sounding noise, which I guess is what really matters. What was interesting about them is that of the three songs we caught, two of them were instrumental. It’s unusual to see bands playing instrumental pieces live outside of electronic or experimental music. The instrumentals were very shoegazer sounding, with lots of droning guitar played by their three guitarists. The non-instrumental song sounded a lot like the Red House Painters.

Mira was really good. I discovered them by chance a couple years ago. On a challenge from someone on alt.gothic, I spent a few hours on mp3.com trying to find something decent amidst all the crap. Mira was one of the two or three decent bands I came up with. They were signed to Projekt not long after and I’ve been meaning to pick up their CDs ever since.

My boss is in town this week. She comes out from Atlanta a couple times a year and always buys us lunch. Today we went to Mi Piace in Old Town Pasadena. Too bad we can’t get drinks when she’s around.