New music

I did a little bit of used CD shopping today. I picked up three CDs:
  • Halo, JAG/eye.Velocity – I used to hear Halo on KSPC years ago and I’ve seen them live a few times, but I never actually bought anything of theirs until now.
  • Rare on Air: Volume 2 – This is a KCRW/Morning Becomes Eclectic compilation. It’s not real exciting, but it does have some decent stuff on it. I like compilations so it’s definitely worth the $1.99 I paid for it.
  • The Sextants, Lucky You – I think I was thinking of someone else when I picked this up. It turns out The Sextants are a country-ish band, and not even a particularly interesting one. I’ll be selling this back as soon as I get a chance.