Honda Civic vs. fence

I got an unexpected day off work this week. I was on my way to work Tuesday morning when I get a call from a co-worker, who tells me that the power to both buildings is out. It seems a Honda Civic full of kids came flying down the street the night before, somehow lost control of the car, and took out a telephone poll and a good-sized section of our fence. The power lines went down and started a small fire across the street and the power to both our buildings went out.

Q: What do you get when you cross a fast-moving Honda Civic with a big steel fence?

Car vs. fence

Honda Civics are not big cars. The car must have been flying to do this much damage. The telephone pole in the background of the first picture is the one that was knocked down. I wish I could have seen the car after this.

Car vs. fence

Luckily, our emergency power generator kicked in and we didn’t lose power to the data center. Good thing too, as I understand an OC-48 can take up to 24 hours to sync up before it’s usable. That would be very very bad. Of course the backup generators only power the data center, not the rest of the office, so no one could work or even enter the building. Eventually 11:30am rolled around and it still wasn’t fixed, so my boss said we might as well just go home.

Coincidentally, this was also Sarai’s day off so I went down to her house and we went used book shopping and out for coffee in Long Beach. I bought sci-fi (Douglas Adams, Arthur C. Clarke, William Gibson) and a big Doonesbury anthology.

Diana’s birthday party is tonight. I stopped by her place this afternoon to give her strawberry ice cream, her presents, and a fuchsia “punk foil wig” I bought at Party City. I hung out for a little while and watched some hentai with her, Yen, Temple, and Shanda. Chris wandered around setting up music for the party and made a point of ignoring the TV. Now I’m back home making dinner and waiting for Sarai to get off work so we can head back out there.