Honk for freedom

God, I hate people. I live near a couple of busy streets. My house isn’t right on the corner, but my bedroom windows are maybe 50 – 60 yards from the intersection. I have a clear line of sight and, unfortunately, sound. Right now there are a bunch of fucking idiots out there waving signs around and yelling and getting passing cars to honk their horns. I’m not even in my bedroom, I’m in the living room with the stereo on, and I can still hear them. I haven’t bothered to go outside and see what their signs say, but I’m sure it’s “REMEMBER SEPTEMBER 11″ or “KILL ALL TERRORISTS” or some such bullshit.

Will this day never end?

Update: I just went out and took a picture of them. It’s a bunch of dumb high school kids waving flags and a holding a “Honk for Freedom” sign.

They were more than happy to stop yelling for a minute and pose with their flags for the picture. I didn’t even have to ask them to do it, they jumped into position as soon as they saw the camera.

Flag wavers


talaitha says:

What if their signs were protesting the war though?

kchrist says:

If that were the case, they wouldn’t be cheering the way they are and every passing car wouldn’t be honking their horns.

Remember where I live, out here in the suburbs. We don’t have protesters; we have Christians, “My child is an honor student” bumper stickers, and lots of good patriotic Americans who rarely bother thinking for themselves.

talaitha says:

you’re right.
But then the fact that people protest in places like Pittsburgh makes me feel slightly less sick to my stomach as far as the calibre of sheep we live amongst is concerned…

kchrist says:

Reload my post and check out the picture I just took…

talaitha says:

they look like dorks.