Klez virus

Ok, someone is an idiot. I just received my first copy of the Klez virus that’s been going around the past few months. It infects clueless Windows users who a) don’t know better than to open unknown binary e-mail attachments with text written in badly broken English, or b) use old insecure versions of Microsoft Outlook and didn’t bother applying the security updates that were released like a year ago.

Once infected with Klez, it scans your system looking for e-mail addresses. It then sends itself out to every address it finds, while using one of the addresses as the From: address. This means I don’t know who sent it to me, only that, based on the originating IP address, he or she is an AOL user, which doesn’t come as a big shock (no offense to clueful AOL users; you know who you are). I’ve sent a copy off to AOL’s abuse department, which is about all I can do. I only hope whoever it is fixes their computer soon so I don’t keep getting these.

I suspect this is related to a certain e-mail someone sent out about a week ago with at least 20 – 30 people in the CC: field. I was included on this along with a slew of people I don’t know, some of which were probably AOL users. BCC: exists for a reason, please use it.