Upcoming shows

Wow, there are actually a few good shows coming up in the next couple months:
  • Acoustic performances by Lovespirals and Audra at Ipso Facto
    Sunday, September 29, 2002
  • Lovespirals at The Knitting Factory
    Wednesday, October 2, 2002
  • Sing-Sing at The Troubadour
    Wednesday, October 16, 2002
  • The Chameleons at The Knitting Factory
    Monday/Tuesday, October 21/22, 2002
I’m definitely going to at least the second Lovespirals show, probably both. I’d like to see the other two as well, but who knows if I’ll actually make it out to them. The Chameleons show is $17, which is a little steep for a show at a small venue like this. I think I paid like $7 or something for their show at Spaceland a couple years ago. Sing-Sing I just saw a couple months ago, so this one isn’t real important either. We’ll see how I feel when they get a little closer. In other music-related news, Sarai and I went used CD shopping again the other day. This time I came home with:
  • Mojave 3, Excuses for Travellers – Previously I only had a burned copy of this.
  • Dolls Head, Frozen Charlotte – Dolls Head sounds a little like Curve, only not as good. Lyrically they leave a bit to be desired, but overall they’re ok. Not great, just ok.
  • Sonik Wire Records: Artist’s Collective 0001 – This is presumably a compilation of artists on Sonik Wire Records. The only band on this CD I was familiar with was The Autumns, but figured the rest couldn’t be all bad. Of the others, I think Trespassers William is probably the best. I would have also bought the full-length Trespassers William CD I found in the $1.99 section, but when I opened it up it turned out the actual disc was missing.