The weather today in Hell…

Today cinches it. I officially want to move to San Francisco. Sarai and I have talked about it a little, and we both want to, but not any time real soon. What made it official today is the fact that it was 80°F in my house at 7:00 this morning and it’s 92° now. According to the sign at the bank up the street from my house, it’s 102° outside. I am in hell. According to, it’s only going to go up to about 80° in SF today. (Note to self: Do not rent another house without central air conditioning)

I just returned from my local laundromat (you will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy). The white trash encounter of the day was an unpleasant, heavily tanned woman who beat me to my dryer by about two seconds. I asked her if I could use that one because I already had clothes in the dryer directly below it and I like to keep my stuff together. There were plenty of empty dryers to the right of where she already had some stuff. She rudely said no, told me to use a different one, and threw her clothes in the dryer. Fine, I wasn’t going to argue about it. Later, as my clothes were finishing up, I noticed that the dryer I put stuff in first still had 25 minutes left when it should have been finished. And this woman’s heavy blanket in the dryer above was sitting still. It looked like she accidentally put money in my dryer instead of hers and then left. Haha, idiot. (Note to self: Do not rent another house without laundry hookups)

Today I’m making a batch of strawberry ice cream for Diana’s birthday party this weekend. I’d prefer to wait until the end of the week to make it so it would be fresh on Saturday, but I’m trying out a new recipe and I want to have time to make a new batch if this one doesn’t come out so well. So far so good though, I’m sure it will be fine. I made the mixture this morning and it’s chilling now until tonight when I’ll mix it and freeze it.


angeldye says:

it is now 4pm and its 100 degrees in my haus… its freaking hot. The babies look super cute.
I was also told to- as a trick to cool the cats down… rub a cold wash cloth over them.. or wet hands. I used a wash cloth and the kids were VERY HAPPY…..

miss_pixie says:

It was 110 here yesterday at 10:00am, then at noon it was 112. I refused to leave the house.