Fa shizzle

What the hell does “Fa Shizzle” mean? I saw this all over the subway stops in NYC and in some of the cars. It’s an ad for chewing gum of some sort. I have no idea what it means, but I’ve become somewhat obsessed with it anyway.

Fa Shizzle


evildahlia says:

OK this is what I heard on BET..why was I watching BET you ask? Who the hell knows…anyhow the correct saying is “Fu Shizzle Ma Nizzle” which in the African-American community is a PC greeting for “Whazzup Ma N*ggah!?” therefore the the gum company in question has tweaked it to sell their overly-expensive nasty gum that will cause cavities but hey! Apparently they are hip to the jive.
Life will make sense once again :>

talaitha says:

They have those all over SF too…There’s one close to my freeway exit, except that they guy is licking his lips, and the caption read “cha-ching”

kchrist says:

I also saw one with a white girl saying “Va Voom”. There was a third, also with a girl I think, but I don’t remember what it said.

kchrist says:

That makes sense. I guess. I figured it was some sort of black slang. A co-worker tells me it’s a Snoop Dogg reference too.

The most entertaining thing about BET is the forums on http://www.bet.com where people can post comments about their news stories. I’ve read some of the most unbelievable posts there. It’s got everything that makes web forums great: badly misspelled words, ALL CAPS, totally nonsensical rambling about unrelated subjects, rampant stupidity, racism, trolls, flaming… You name it. I discovered this while reading this story. Check it out, it’s definitely worth a look.

angeldye says:

HAHAHHAHAHAHA dat shiz nit is funny!

kchrist says:

Sarai: Yep, that was it.