Big day for the kittens today, I took them both to the vet this morning to be fixed. Basil seems to be almost completely recovered; he’s running around the house playing with an old stress ball I got at Internet World a few years ago (it’s their favorite toy). He does seem to be tiring a little faster than usual though, which is to be expected. Colette is still recovering; she’s sleeping in my bedroom at the moment. Basil is being pretty good about letting her sleep and not waking her up to play.

Speaking of getting fixed, I had an appointment to talk to a doctor about a vasectomy this afternoon. Too bad they decided to cancel my appointment without telling me. To make matters worse, they told me they could reschedule me for early December if I wanted. I declined and went back to my regular doctor for a new referral to someone else. I contacted the new doctor and set up an initial consultation for next Monday and I will be scheduling the procedure itself then.