Halloween planning

I had to go running around this afternoon looking for a final item I needed for my Halloween costume. After going to three stores and calling two others I finally found something close to what I needed. I say close because it’s not exactly what I needed, but it’ll have to do, I was running out of time. It’s a real kludge, but I’m sure no one will notice.

We’ve got two parties planned for tonight. First, we’re stopping by a local party for a bit to see a couple friends and then heading out to Kyle’s.

All that running around made me want new music so I stopped by the Wherehouse on my way back to work to check out their discount CD selection. I bought three CDs, for $2.99 each. I also discovered that the Wherehouse sells used DVDs. That’s cool, I was just wondering recently if anyone was doing that yet. I’m sure there’s a pretty big market for it. Today’s finds:
  • Gavin Friday, Shag Tobacco
  • Chapterhouse, Blood Music
  • Ruby, Salt Peter
I’d love to see Gavin Friday live again. I wish he’d do some shows in the US. He can even bring Bono with him if he wants. They can do a duet of Sunday Bloody Sunday, that’d be great. On the other hand, given my recent track record, I probably wouldn’t make it to the show anyway. In just the past few weeks I’ve missed seeing Sing-Sing, The Chameleons, Lisa Germano, and Rasputina, mostly because I either forgot about them or didn’t hear about them until too late.