Queen Latifah’s artist-friendly label

I just finished watching the last episode of Serial Experiment Lain, which I had somehow not seen until now. I liked it a lot, I’m thinking I might pick up the boxed set on Ebay so I can watch it again with subtitles (I watched the English dub this time — yeah, yeah, I know).

As I turned off the DVD player I was dumped onto Fox 10:00 news. My reflexes are usually quick enough that I can get the TV turned off before I hear anything they say, but not this time. It seems Queen Latifah was arrested in LA last night for DUI. This in itself is pretty uninteresting (what, no gun this time?), but they took a minute to explain to the masses just who Queen Latifah is and mentioned that she recently started her own label. They then showed a video clip of her talking about said label and mentioning that she’s signing first time artists and letting them retain ownership of their master recordings. That’s cool. It’s too bad that she’ll probably never release anything I like because I like to support labels like this. It gives me hope that, despite their best efforts, music isn’t going to be completely destroyed by the RIAA.


miss_pixie says:

Hey if you want to watch the Lain series in subtitles you can just borrow our copy. I bought it for Chris last christmas on DVD.