Developer non-creativity

What is it with open source developers naming their software after the language it’s written in? A quick search for “php” on Sourceforge finds 14 packages named “PHP-something”, and that’s on just the first page of 25 results. We’ve got phpMyAdmin, phpBugTracker, phpBB, PHPRecipeBook, PHP-Nuke, and many many more. The formula seems to be <language><type of application>, which gets us such gems as “phpWebSite”. Come on, let’s show just a little creativity with this stuff. Even Rasmus Lerdorf, the creator of PHP, mentioned being annoyed by this during his presentation at SCALE.

Do Perl or Java developers do this too? What happens if one of these PHP developers decides that Perl is the One True Language after all? Do they rename everything? Maybe Mozilla should change their name to C++WebBrowser. I think I’m going to name the next version of my web site XhtmlCssJavaScriptPhpMySqlWebSite.

I’m currently drinking coffee and killing time until Sarai gets here by looking for inspiration for a project I’m going to start working on. Then it’s off to Bang! for Britpop goodness.