Halloween was pretty good this year, even if I didn’t actually do anything on the 31st. Kyle’s party last weekend was a lot of fun. I went as a software pirate. I wore your basic pirate garb and carried around a bag marked “w4r3z” that was full of CDs labeled “Windows XP Professional”, “MS Office XP”, “Photoshop 7″, etc, and passed them out to anyone I could which, as I count my remaining CDs, was about 20 people.

The punch line, which only one person has gotten back to me about so far, is that the CDs were actually all identical copies of the first Debian installation disc. And I’m sure that by posting this here I’m ruining the surprise for anyone who hasn’t tried installing them yet, but oh well.

We had some Halloween festivities at work on the 31st, including free lunch for people in costume, so I threw together a half-assed costume from my regular clothes. I wore black BDUs, my 14 hole Docs, a long sleeve black shirt, and my black army jacket. I also carried an old squirt gun that has been painted black and looks remarkably real from a little distance (real enough for our security to ask about it). I was “a member of the California militia”. Lame, I know, but I was just there for the free food. It turns out I shouldn’t have bothered because a) there were plenty of people without costumes eating, and b) lunch was pizza from Little Caesar’s which is second only to Domino’s for crappy pizza.