IE, vodka, free stuff

This has certainly been the week for Internet Explorer security vulnerabilities. My favorite is the one that could “…be used to view or invoke local executables”. Including format.exe, natch. With 90%+ of the people using the internet using IE, this is not a good thing. Forgive me for being smug for a minute, but I sure am glad I’m not one of them.

Ellen Feiss finally gave her first interview recently. I like that she admits to being high in the commercial, even though it was only Benedryl she was on.

I just discovered that a big liquor store near my house, Liquor Warehouse (and it really is a warehouse), carries Youri Dolgoruki, so I now have a bottle chilling in the freezer. At $29.99, it was a bit cheaper than I expected it might be.

This is my exciting Friday night at home alone, just me and the kittens. I bought them catnip balls today and they’re having a great time playing with them. I’m venturing out to Diana’s party tomorrow night. I may or may not bring her catnip toys as well.

Sarai just called from work to tell me she won $800 worth of Apple hardware in an employee contest. Nice.