Las Vegas

Las Vegas was fun. Sarai and I arrived at 2:35pm on Friday, got checked in to our hotel at 2:50, changed and got a cab down to Excalibur by 3:25. The wedding was at 3:30. I was sure we were going to be late, but thanks to a completely insane cab driver we made it. During the crazy drive he regaled us with stories about how he used to be a boxer in vegas, starting fights with other drivers, and how in Chicago, where he’s from, “We use our fists, not guns. We have guns too, but we don’t use them.”

The ceremony was mercifully short, coming in at around 45 minutes including post-ceremony picture taking. After that we headed down to Mandalay Bay. Red Square wasn’t going to open for another hour so we had a couple of drinks in one of the casino lounges until then. At Red Square I first had a peach martini and then did a grain v. potato vodka taste test. The potato vodka I tried was Christiana, the grain was Youri Dolgoruki, which is what they seem to recommend the most. The Christiana was good, but kind of unremarkable. I don’t know much about potato vodka so that combined with the fact that, outside of martinis, I rarely drink vodka straight meant that it tasted good, but similar to most other vodkas to me. Youri, on the other hand… This was without a doubt the best and smoothest vodka I’ve ever tasted. It tasted like ice water: no burn, no strong aftertaste, nothing. I think I’m going to start keeping a bottle of this in my freezer for special occasions. Strictly off-limits for mixed drinks, of course; Stoli is good enough for that. Hopefully I can find it somewhere around here.

Red Square’s dinner menu was somewhat limited and didn’t seem to include anything vegetarian, so we went to a nearby cafe type restaurant instead. After this we tried to track down Laura and her new husband Michael who we hadn’t seen since the ceremony. They were supposed to meet up with us at Red Square but never showed. We figured they were back in their room consummating, but it turned out they were just hanging out with their parents. We eventually caught up with them in the Luxor casino. We headed back to our hotel shortly after that. We started drinking early and didn’t pace ourselves so we got tired early.

Saturday we went to breakfast at the Venetian, rode the roller coaster at New York New York, and drove around suburban Las Vegas for a while. We went back to the Venetian for an early dinner at Wolfgang Puck’s Postrio, stopping first for a drink at Venus, the tiki lounge that was closed when we tried to go to last time we were out there. Then home, around 7:00 or so. The weather through the Cajon Pass was terrible both ways: We had rain on our way out there and dense fog on the way back.


kscaldef says:

I’ve had people insist to me that potato vodka is superior, but I’m unconvinced. I’ve had excellent potato vodka, but my own side-by-side of Belvedere vs. Chopin didn’t convince me there was a huge difference.

Kenn Christ says:

I’ve gathered that potato vodka has it’s followers, but I don’t think I know anyone who’s into it. Red Square even has an all-potato vodka sampler (to go with it’s assorted other samplers).