Thanksgiving chicken

In honor of Thanksgiving, here is a picture of a crazy chicken I found in my backyard this morning. Apparently the people who live a few houses down the street raise chickens and this one must have escaped. While I was chasing it around trying to get a good picture it flew over an eight foot fence, which was pretty impressive for a bird that’s not supposed to be able to fly.

Crazy chicken

I’m going to have Thanksgiving dinner with Sarai’s family today. My mother usually does the dinner thing at her house, but she’s currently in the middle of massive kitchen remodeling, which makes cooking dinner a problem.

I think we’re going to Bang! on Saturday. The problem is, I don’t really know anyone else who goes there so we’ve got to talk some other people into going. Yes, The Ruby (or whatever that venue is called this week) sucks and is way overpriced, but the club is kinda fun, the music is good, and there are always cute girls there. Their web site sure sucks though.


goffchick says:

Maybe the chicken was on the run! Fearing the people would mistake it for a turkey!

You hurt my head. I suppose its my own fault for clicking on the link, after all, you did warn me, but, uh, wow. That’s really awful.

kchrist says:

You’re right! Maybe I should have offered the chicken asylum! But the way she was running from me, I don’t think she would have accepted it. Not to mention the cats probably wouldn’t much like having a chicken around the house (or, on the other hand, maybe they would have liked it too much).

Did you see the photo galleries with the terrible annoying JavaScript mouseovers?

goffchick says:

Oh dear god. I’d run away screaming before I got that far last time, but I just had to look.

Who the hell came up with that, and who ever actually said it was ok?!?

kchrist says:

Bad web design is almost an art form in and of itself.