The Cat in the Hat

Parts of The Cat in the Hat are being filmed in the antique district of downtown Pomona. They’ve painted and remodeled the entire block for it. Sarai and I went down there last week to take pictures. It’s totally surreal.

View from the top of 2nd street

I understand they filmed the residential scenes in Simi Valley, but were scheduled to begin taking everything down today. Too bad, I was hoping to get a look at it.

Tomorrow morning Sarai and I are heading out to Las Vegas for my boss Laura’s wedding. She’s getting married at Excalibur, but they aren’t doing the whole theme/costume thing. I told her she should be doing either a Star Trek or Elvis wedding, but she didn’t seem thrilled with the idea. We’re only staying one night but Red Square is definitely on the agenda.

More pictures


miss_pixie says:

Hey you don’t happen to know if all the Cat in the Hat stuff will still be up this weekend do you?

eliane says:

mmm! red square :)

have a martini (or 3) for me!

I wish we were going with you.

I need to go back to Quarks bar because i’m a huge dork and the drinks were delish

kchrist says:

I think it’ll be up for a while. It doesn’t look like they’re finished with it yet, then they’ve got to do all the filming. You should definitely check it out.

miss_pixie says:

Great I’ll have to check it out this week sometime.

kchrist says:

I mentioned possibly going to Quarks, but we didn’t end up doing it. We did go on the NYNY roller coaster though and Venus, that tiki bar that was closed the last time we all were there.

Red Square was great, of course. My co-workers liked it too.