New phone

We got our new cell phones at work the other day. My boss was successful in talking some sense into her boss and the phones all have local numbers. Anyone who needs my new cell number should e-mail me. I’ll have my old phone for another couple weeks as well.

My new phone is a Verizon-branded Audiovox CDM8300, which is your standard generic cell phone. I like the fact that it’s about half the size and 1/3 the weight of my old one. The phonebook, while still sucking, is actually still more useful than the one on my old phone and it does SMS, which I couldn’t do before.

That’s about all is has going for it though. The plastic casing feels thin and cheap. I bet it cracks the first time I drop it on concrete — something my old Nextel stood up to half a dozen times or so with nary a scratch. It also has no belt clip unless I want to use this tacky imitation leather cover that came with it, so I have to carry it around in my pocket until I get a chance to buy a better case. The interface is over-crowded with graphics and animation, most of which cannot be turned off, and it’s often confusing to use. It comes with 30 or so annoying ring tones, none of which sound like an actual telephone, and it plays start-up and shut down music which can’t be disabled. And we no longer have Direct Connect, which was the best feature of our Nextel phones.

Overall I’m not real pleased with it. At least I don’t have to pay for it.


greycat says:

Free is good – even if the thing that is free is not great, it’s still good.