Party preparation

Today I’m getting stuff ready for the party tomorrow night. I picked up the ingredients for the eggnog and Sarai’s baking, cleaned up a bit, and am now putting together an .mp3 playlist. I didn’t buy a tree this year, instead I borrowed Jojo’s three foot silver rotating Christmas tree. I’m going to put a green spotlight on it. It rules.

I also strained the flavored vodka I’ve been making and will probably try some tonight. Based on smell, I think the vanilla will be the best, followed by blueberry. The coffee vodka smells like dirt. It’s pretty unpleasant. But what the hell, I’ll try it anyway, it might be good once it’s mixed with tonic or something. For the adventurous, I saved the blueberries that have been soaking for the past couple weeks. If I were truly adventurous I would have saved the coffee beans and made coffee with them but, quite frankly, just the thought made me a bit nauseous. I also rather wish the vanilla didn’t look quite so much like a urine sample.

Homemade flavored vodka

The completed product: blueberry, coffee, vanilla (left to right)


eliane says:

that really does look like urine. Are you sure somebody didnt replace it as a larf?

Wish I could be there. I wish we had an aluminum tree! I did make eggnog though.

choralone23 says:

i suck and can’t find your phone number. there are still people over at my rents, so i can’t leave here tonight like i planned. i will be out at perversion, but i know you hate the club…

kchrist says:

You are absolutely right, I will not go to Perversion. BUT, I’m going to Release the Bats on friday. Diana will be there too. If you’re still in town, go.