Xmas Eve

Our Xmas Eve party went pretty well. People seemed to show up in shifts; by the time the late arrivals got here, the early people had left, so it stayed pretty small all night. I didn’t make enough eggnog so we ran out halfway through the evening, but it’s pretty time consuming so I wasn’t about to make more. For the most part, the flavored vodka came out pretty good. The vanilla tasted just like store-bought Stoli Vanil, only not so sweet. The blueberry was subtle, but good. Steve said the coffee vodka tasted even worse than it smelled, so I didn’t actually try that one. Nor did anyone else. Still, two out of three isn’t bad, especially for my first attempt at it.

Xmas morning Sarai and I had brunch with my mother, her husband, and my aunt who was out from Texas. Then it was over to Sarai’s place for dinner with her family. I’ve never eaten so much in my life, I thought I was going to die. After dinner Sarai and I fell asleep watching Young Frankenstein.

Xmas loot: I got a new vacuum cleaner from my mom, presumably because she’s tired of my borrowing hers every couple weeks (hey, I have mostly hardwood floors which can be swept). Other notable gifts include a 128 MB CompactFlash card for my digital camera and a one year Suicidegirls membership.


talaitha says:

what’s your sg username?
I have a membership too.

greycat says:

Porn for Christmas! Aww yeah!

kchrist says:

My username is kchrist.

I made my profile public, but I probably won’t be using the SG journal or forums or anything. I haven’t even filled out the profile info yet, other than my location and URL.

kchrist says:

It beats fruitcake!

talaitha says:

I haven’t even filled out the profile info yet

yes, and you have no soul…?

I probably won’t be using the SG journal

I use the jurinal every once in a while…added you, evenstill.

kchrist says:

yes, and you have no soul

Hey, give me a little time, I’ve only looked at the site once so far! I’m sure I’ll be wanting more than three choices :)

saraicat says:

It’s the gift that keeps on giving. :)

talaitha says:

their words, not mine :P
They only give you 3 options…no more, no less. I tried to only have 1, or two, but it wouldn’t let me set anything to those values.

kchrist says:

I know you can’t have more than three, but you can’t have fewer either? So I can’t select anyone until I know three that I want? That’s weird.