Free as in vodka

My mother’s husband owns a concessions and catering company and a couple restaurants. Apparently, when he orders regular Smirnoff vodka, the vendor keeps sending him free samples of their other varieties. The problem is, this stuff doesn’t sell, at least not at his places. So today, knowing my fondness for flavored vodka, he presented me with some of his surplus.


Normally I don’t care for Smirnoff, their flavored vodkas are too sweet, but damned if I’m going to turn down a free CASE of it! There are 12 one litre bottles: three raspberry, three vanilla, two citrus, two apple, and two orange.

Cocktails, anyone?


talaitha says:

Vanilla is my fave. haven’t tried the apple.

How did your homemade stuff turn out?

choralone23 says:

damn…that rocks! i didn’t know they made an apple one…let me know if it’s good.

kchrist says:

Vanilla is my fave.

I’ll bring you a bottle when we drive up for C93. I’m sure I’ll have some left.

How did your homemade stuff turn out?

Mostly good. We tried it at my Xmas party and I mentioned it here shortly after. The vanilla was the best, it tasted exactly like Stoli Vanil (my preferred vanilla vodka). The blueberry flavor was subtle and a really nice color of purple. The coffee vodka smelled and tasted like dirt. I still have that on in my fridge, I’m thinking I’ll try it in a black russian one of these days. It’s not much good straight or with tonic.

miss_pixie says:

You so need to bring a bottle of the apple on Saturday so we can have apple martinis! yummy

kchrist says:

I knew you’d say that. One of those bottles already has your name on it.

kartoffel says:

Bring some to Kyle’s Saturday :)
Especially the raspberry

miss_pixie says:

Yeay! bounce Since you’re bringing apple vodka, I’m going to make you cookies. what kind do you want?

kchrist says:

Chocolate chip oatmeal!

Change of plans for sunday, check your e-mail.

angeldye says:

FUCK SHIT! DIZZzamn!!!! thats a hella lot of voddy!! and fuck it if its smirnoff…. its good fer mixing! WEee!

anonymous says:

I WANT THEM ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!