Plans for the new year

The party at the Broken Haus last night was fun, but we left around 1:30am because I was getting tired and still had to drive home. I was surprised to see Diana and co. show up, but I wasn’t surprised to find out why, which was that the thing at Dungeon sucked. The highlight of the evening was the Foxy Boxing match on the living room floor. Ian took plenty of pictures, but I doubt some of them will ever see the light of day.

I don’t really make new year’s resolutions, nor am I doing the year in review thing. Suffice it to say that 2002 was overall pretty decent for me. I’ve got a few big things coming up early in 2003 that should start this year off well too. The first of which is happening the day after tomorrow…

I’m getting a vasectomy. I made the appointment a couple months ago and it’s finally here this Friday, bright and early at 9:30am. It should be quick and fairly painless, but knowing that doesn’t stop me being nervous about it. I expect to spend this weekend laying around the house watching movies and popping ibuprofen, but I should be fully recovered by Monday. My initial consultation with the doctor was easy. I expected him to hassle me about not having any kids, but he mainly just wanted to make sure I understood the permanence of the procedure. He emphasized this point a few times until I interrupted him to tell him I’ve been sure about this for quite a few years now and I’ve already researched the procedure on the web and really my only reason for being there was that I had a few specific questions I wanted answered. After that he relaxed and answered my questions without incident. I’m sure that would have gone differently if I were a woman without children wanting a tubal ligation.

Other plans for the first half of this year include buying a new car, going to Las Vegas for C9, and Sarai and I moving in together in a couple months. Our original plan was to move around the beginning of February, but we had to postpone that due to problems with Sarai’s job and her decision to look for a new one. Still, it shouldn’t be postponed for long, we’re hoping for the beginning of March.


kartoffel says:

Wow! I just have to say that I’m 100% behind your decision. I give it the big thumbs up. Good luck!

Foxy boxing? It seemed more like foxy wrestling/boob rubbing to me hehehe

greycat says:

Yay for you and Sarai moving in together!

And good for the no babies surgery… I know you’ve been wanting that for a while.

hexed says:

Hey, if you wouldn’t mind… I’d like a full report on how the procedure goes and what the recovery is like. It’s something that I’ve been considering more and more for a few years now, but have never known anyone that’s gone through it. I’ve seen videos of the surgery and read up on it and all that intellectual knowledge of it, but I’m more concerned with personal knowledge involving it. What was it like? How painful was the procedure and the recovery? All that stuff.

angeldye says:

I can just kick you in the nutz and you can pay me fiddy dollahs n we can call it a night!!

Kenn Christ says:

Sean: Sure, I’ll post it all here.