Unintentional irony

I just came across an abuse report from someone who wanted to complain about a post he found in us.military.navy. The post in question read, in part,

“On 9-11, Big Bully America finally got a taste of its own medicine …”

Just your garden-variety mindless Usenet troll. Annoying, but not something I’m going to waste any time with. The complainant requested — nay, demanded — that I terminate the poster’s account, because:

“This message, while not only clearly off-topic and intentionally inflammatory, could also be construed as a terroristic threat.”
The complaint ended with the following quote in the complainant’s .signature file:
“I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend, to the death, your right to say it.” — Voltaire


kartoffel says:


That’s the funniest part of it to me. The only threat this guy needs to worry about is the threat of being seen as an IDIOT when he uses non-words!

kchrist says:

It’s terrorific!

raindrops says:

Heh. Either I’ve just not had enough sleep lately, or that’s too funny.

Between Idealistic and Ironic… there’s idiotic.

kchrist says:

I hate to admit it, but it seems “terroristic” is actually a word.

ter•ror•is•tic /"ter-&r-'is-tik/ adjective

It means the same as terrorist, adj.

I found it on m-w.com. I thought they may have added it recently, but my print dictionary backs them up (Random House Websters College Dictionary, 1995, ISBN 0-679-43886-6). I was curious about that after the LJ spellchecker didn’t try to correct me.

How disappointing.

kartoffel says:

Doh! It seems that I am the idiot!