Apartment hunt

It looks like we’re definitely moving on the first of March. We’ve got two possible places right now, one in Pasadena, the other in Burbank.


Near the intersection of Marengo and Del Mar

  • Walking distance from Old Town Pasadena (under a mile)
  • Two bedroom, one bath
  • Old building, ugly outside, pretty nice inside
  • Wall unit AC in one bedroom, nice big windows
  • One carport, street parking for second car (which means dealing with Pasadena’s stupid overnight street parking restrictions)
  • Rent: $930.00. Move in cost: $1500.00 (one month rent, $500 security deposit, two $40 parking permits)


Near the intersection of Alameda and San Fernando

  • Walking distance from a Starbucks and what looks like a pretty good dive bar
  • Two bedroom, two bath
  • Newer building, decent looking inside and out
  • Central AC and heat, dishwasher
  • Two parking spaces in gated parking garage
  • Rent: $1095.00. Move in cost: $2500.00! (one month rent, $1095 security deposit, $250 pet deposit, $50 deposit for two parking garage remote controls)

Everything else is more or less equal: both are in nice neighborhoods, both have controlled access to the buildings, both are about the same size, with decent sized rooms, both are approximately one mile from a PacBell CO so we should be able to get DSL with no problem.

Of course we disagreed about which one we wanted: I wanted apartment two in Burbank, Sarai wanted apartment one in Pasadena. Apt. two clearly wins in the features department, but apt. one ended up being our first choice, based mainly on price and proximity to work. I think we’ve definitely got apt two; everything is done but the credit check, and I should get our approval by around 10:00 this morning. I’m dropping off our applications at apt. one on my way to work today. Hopefully we’ll find out about apt. one soon, because apt. two will only be held for 24 hours without a deposit after approval, and we don’t want to lose that one if we can’t get apt. one for whatever reason.


angeldye says:

I can vouch for the dive bar.. It’s called the Blue Room. I used to go there quite a lot.. it had a very nice feel to it.. I dun know how much it’s changed.. or if it has.. That area’s not so bad.. you’ve got the media center not to far from you.. and there are swell used bookstores on san fernando.. I dun know if you or Sarai know of them. Also- unless it’s moved out.. there was also a Cookbook store on San Fern. closer to the media center.. oh- and a pretty cool fabric shop.

Ya all would also be close to Ikea, a Barnes & Noble, there’s also a Mi Piace over close to Virgin and Ikea- oh.. oh.. and a dive type diner called Harry’s which has good food and nice staff.. and open 24hrs..

I know way too much about Burbank.

kchrist says:

Yep, the Blue Room is the one we saw. You like it? I found some reviews on citysearch and it looks like something we’d like.

Where are the used bookstores? And I bet Sarai would like to know about the cookbook store and the fabric store.

Mi Piace is my favorite restaurant. We usually go to the one in Pasadena, but we went to the Burbank one just last weekend.

kchrist says:

Oh yeah, the reason I ask is because the apartments in Pasadena denied our application. Bastards.

kscaldef says:

I like the bar next door (Razberry’s) better than the Blue Room. The Blue Room is a little too Hollywood and crowded for me.

kchrist says:

That’s too bad. I agree, that sort of thing is annoying. It looks kinda “hip”, so I wondered if that would be the case. The reviews on citysearch said it wasn’t really trendy, but bar crowds can change almost overnight sometimes.

I noticed the circle-R on the place next door and wondered what it was. I’ll have to check that one out too then.