Columbia, record trade

Wow, I can’t believe Columbia didn’t make it back down. I hope NASA takes this as a sign that they need to seriously update their technology. Our space shuttle design is over 20 years old and really hasn’t changed much. But one part of me expects that it doesn’t really matter because this will probably shut down the space program for at least a few years.

I’ve gotten a lot of interest in the records I’m looking to trade, and most are already claimed. Most of the interest has come from the WSD mailing list, with only one person from the LAgoth list contacting me:

hello, i am a record collector and i saw your email on the 
LA goth list. I would be interested in some of the records - 
I can offer you CD copies of the vinyl, either taken directly 
from the vinyl, or copied from my own CD copies (they 
would be CDRs). how does that sound?

How does that sound? It sounds to me like you just want me to give you free records. Nice try.

Needless to say, I politely told him to go fuck himself. I realize I’m giving some of these away for far less than I could probably get for them at auction, but I’m not completely stupid. I want to get something back at least.