I hate computers

Today I’m working on getting Diana’s frankenputer up and running. I actually started this a couple weeks ago, but couldn’t finish it because Windows 2000 kept bluescreening during installation. So I figure it has to be a hardware problem since the OS isn’t even installed at this point. This is actually not a huge surprise considering all the fucked up random hardware I’ve thrown together for it (an ISA network card? WTF? Why do I even own this thing?).

So anyway, I decide to take out everything but the video card, install the OS, and install the rest of the hardware piece by piece until I find the problem. I start up the installation again, create the first partition, and start formatting it. Nope, now I’m getting errors formatting. Ok, I’ll boot off this ancient DOS boot disk I have, run fdisk, recreate the partition, and see if I can format it this way. Uh oh, it seems the floppy drive isn’t working. Now it’s absurd that I even need a floppy drive in this day and age, but some idiotic hardware manufacturers still insist on shipping drivers on floppies instead of CDs the way any sane person would. So I swap the floppy drive and cable with another one I’ve got lying around. This time it works, I’m able to run fdisk and format the partition without error. Good, this means the drive isn’t the problem. I didn’t think it was though, this is the drive from my old file server and it ran flawlessly, 24/7, for about two and a half years until I built a new one last year.

Hopefully I can get Win2k installed this time. My problems aren’t nearly over though, not by a long shot, as I’ve still got the hardware conflict or whatever to sort out.

I hate computers.


miss_pixie says:

I’m sorry Kenn. :(

Thank you for all your effort at getting my frankenputer working.