Making the switch

I’ve made the switch™ and am typing this on my brand new iBook!

Sarai’s store had one for sale that was a) a former display model, and b) broken. The hard drive was dead but still under warranty so, after I paid for it, it went back to Apple for repairs and now, except for a scratch on the top of the lid, it’s as good as new. It’s a 12 inch, 600MHz G3, 384 MB RAM, 15 GB hard drive, and DVD-ROM. It’s a little out of date, but at only $500, the price was right. I recently saw a comparable iBook at CompUSA for $900, so this was a pretty good deal. I still need to add an Airport card.

I’m starting to get the hang of OS X. My biggest hurdle today was trying to find a way around the fact that when installing the OS, I wasn’t able to choose a username longer than eight characters (WTF?). I managed to change it once the system was up and running, but not without a bit of trouble. I haven’t had a chance to use much of the included software yet, but I have installed Safari and I’m using it now. It’s pretty nice.

Later this year, once I’ve used this for a while, I’m likely going to be selling it and my Dell laptop and buying a Powerbook.