Music from the past

The best part of moving is digging up stuff buried three layers deep on your closet shelves that you didn’t even know you still had.

Today’s find was two ancient shoe boxes full of tapes. As in audio cassette tapes. Yeah, I know, I forgot those existed too. But I found such great stuff! TSOL, Soft Cell, the Pretty in Pink soundtrack, Love and Rockets, King Missile, and three Fugazi tapes.

I also dug up a couple compilation tapes I made circa 1990 – 1991 featuring such death rock classics as Specimen, Sleep Chamber, Sex Gang Children, Death Ride 69, and the Virgin Prunes. These are particularly appropriate because I’m going to Release the Bats tonight, which plays all that stuff I used to listen to back then. I almost wish I had a tape player in my car so I could listen to these on the way out there, just like old times. Maybe I should pick up a bottle of Strawberry Hill, just to complete the effect.