Records for trade

Due to the recent realization that I don’t really care about collecting records anymore, I have decided to thin the inventory a bit. The problem is that I don’t necessarily want to get rid of the music, just the records. Below is a list of records that I will be willing to trade for CDs (ie, your copy of the same album on CD for my record). Any record collector should know why that’s an awesome deal, especially given the rarity of some of these.

The list

  • Bauhaus, 4AD
  • Chris and Cosey, Heartbeat
  • Chris and Cosey, Trance
  • Chris and Cosey, Techno Primitiv
  • Chris and Cosey, Exotika
  • Chris and Cosey, Trust
  • Current 93, Looney Runes
  • Death in June, The Guilty Have No Pride
  • Death in June, Lesson 1: Misanthropy
  • Death in June, Brown Book
  • Death in June, Nada!
  • Joy Division, Still
  • Boyd Rice and Friends, Music, Martinis, and Misanthropy
  • The Sisterhood, Gift
  • Various Artists, 4AD’s Lonely is an Eyesore compilation

These (and others) will be posted on Ebay in a few days, so get in touch ASAP if you’re interested. The complete for-sale list is much larger, these are just the ones I want to try to trade before the auctions go up. I’ll post an announcement about the others in a few days.