Willard, starring Crispin Glover
March 2003

A social misfit, Willard is made fun of by his co-workers, and squeezed out of the company started by his deceased father by his boss. His only friends are a couple of rats he raised at home, Ben and Socrates. (And their increasing number of friends) However, when one of them is killed at work, he goes on a rampage using his rats to attack those who have been tormenting him.

I loved Willard when I was a kid, both the book and the original movie (Ben too). Crispin Glover is going to be awesome in this. I can’t wait.


angeldye says:

holy fuckshit!!!! Im excited too!!!! I loved the movies!! oh wow…. and crispin is gonna kick ass.. just that poster alone rules…

A social misfit, Willard is made fun of by his co-workers …

Sounds suspiciously similar to “Bartleby.”

kchrist says:

Except for the rats!

I hadn’t heard of Bartleby until now. It looks interesting, I’ll try to check it out. Crispin Glover is not in nearly enough movies.