Burbank bar reviews

Last night Sarai and I checked out our local bars, The Blue Room and Razzberriez. Both are within walking distance from our new apartment.

First, we went to The Blue Room, arriving around 9:30. We had one drink there before heading over to Razzberriez a little before 11:00, where we stayed until around midnight. We ordered Stoli and tonic at both places, and both were mixed very well (ie, strong). Being Sunday evening, neither one was crowded and there was plenty of seating available.

The Blue Room

916 S. San Fernando Blvd.
Burbank, CA 91502

The drinks were good and reasonably priced at $5.25. The decor here is nice, lots of blue vinyl booths and chairs and blue lights. The waitress was attentive, stopping by our booth a couple times to ask if we needed new drinks and to bring us a cup of pretzels.

They have something called an Internet Jukebox which, despite having “Internet” right there in the name, I am unable to find much information about on the web so I don’t really know how it works. It basically looks like a computer in a jukebox cabinet with a touch screen and album cover scans. It boasts having 100,000 songs. I started at A and paged through to D and the selection looked pretty comprehensive.

They get kudos for the complete lack of beer company paraphernalia like the neon signs and mirrors that clutter up a lot of bars, but I really could have done without the big screen TV tuned to the Fox sports network, especially since they were showing a rodeo. Ugh. Overall though, the atmosphere was pretty nice. I liked it.


924 S. San Fernando Blvd.
Burbank, CA 91502

Our drinks here were nice and cheap at $4.00 each. The bar is done mostly in red with a weird Chinese theme. They lose one point for having one beer sign up, an O’Douls (non-alcoholic beer even) backlit menuboard type thing, and lose another point for having something about bombing Iraq written on it. The bartender here was really friendly, checking with us a couple times while we were there and as we were leaving commenting that she hoped it was the volume, not the content, that was driving us out (there was a really loud group of people playing pool).

They have a regular CD jukebox with a lot of good stuff including, of all things, The Sisters of Mercy, which I’ve never seen at a bar. We played the Sisters, Sinatra, Johnny Cash, Tom Jones, and Nirvana. The totally normal looking guy who picked songs right after us played the Sisters too. Very strange.

I can see how The Blue Room might attract more of a “hip” crowd, the decor being all cool and retro and stuff, while Razzberriez seemed like more of a neighborhood dive bar with just a bunch of regulars. I preferred the look of The Blue Room (I like cool colors), but overall we both liked Razzberriez better. I’m sure we’ll become regulars at both.


sev says:

since the ownership of razzberriez is changed things have changed for lot better…
i’ve been there few times ..crowd is changing ..younger people…better music…i like the full theme of it…kind of buddha and more asian lounge type…since the first day crowd has changed…i’ve meet some cool people with good attitude…bartenders are cool ..friendly and quick…i like the fact that they have smoking patio…and the internet jukebox is cool because it gives more options to listen to more artists…