Celebrity spotting

Mike and Stef decided to skip the topless bar and go to Bar Sinister (?!?) for their bachelor/ette thing on Saturday. Much to my dismay. But our group was big enough that we could pretty much ignore everyone else around us and it ended up being a lot of fun after all. Good drinks and good company.

I’m not usually into celebrity-spotting, but yesterday Sarai and I are pretty sure we saw Joey Lauren Adams looking at cat toys at Target in Burbank. Then, after getting my upper back piece finished out at Levon’s tattoo shop (and it’s about time!), we went to Macaroni Grill in Monrovia for dinner and saw some HBO special being filmed. We thought it was a blind date “reality” show or something because one of the two guys they were filming having a nice candlelit dinner was so obviously gay, but we asked our waitress and it turns out they’re both HBO producers and they were doing some behind-the-scenes special or something. And Sarai pointed out a strange phenomenon to me, something she picked up at work: film people (crews, students, etc) always wear beanies. Both the cameraman and the guy with the blinding floodlight were both wearing them, so it must be true.

I brought Levon a bottle of Thor’s Hammer vodka, which was surprisingly good, even at room temperature.