Moving pains

I am in pain. My entire body aches. I’ve spent the last three days in non-stop motion getting moved into the new apartment. Saturday Mike and I moved all the big stuff from my house, Sunday Sarai and I did the same at her house. Today I made two trips back and forth with as much stuff as my car could carry, and spent the remainder of the day getting things set up and put away here. I’ve still got a lot of work ahead of me too; our living room is completely full of boxes, and I still have to put sheets and blankets on the bed before I can go to sleep. This will be my first night staying here, and Sarai will be moving in tomorrow.

The cats hate it. They spent a couple hours hiding under the sofa and now they’re slowly and cautiously starting to explore the place.

Release the Bats Friday night was a blast. There was plenty of drunken debauchery, mostly thanks to a certain new friend of ours, and Penis Flytrap, who I had never seen before, were a lot more entertaining than I expected. I didn’t think anyone was doing that whole Satan and Charles Manson thing anymore. Très retro. They aren’t the sort of thing I would ever listen to on my own, but I’d definitely see them perform live again (well actually, probably only if they play at RtB again).

Also, I have to use dialup until our DSL is installed. I hate moving.