My desk at work

Sean posted a picture of his office, so I’ll post one of mine too. My department just moved into a new office about a week and a half ago, so while I’ve done a little decorating, I still don’t have everything set up yet.

My desk at work

The computers, from left to right: Locust (Windows 2000), Downer (Red Hat Linux), and the Win2k laptop I haven’t gotten around to selling yet. On the left of the window is an old oil painting by my friend Paul.

We’re heading out to Release the Bats tonight. It looks like Mike and co. won’t be joining us this time, which means we’ll probably be drinking a bit less than we have the last couple times we went out.


hexed says:

I like your setup better than mine. But I’m just a mercenary so I won’t be at mine long enough to get something cool like yours.