Straight edge

Q. How many straight edge kids does it take to drink a six-pack?

A. Just one if no one is looking.

Hahaha. It's funny because straight edge kids are annoying. I think Ian MacKaye said it best when he took a drink of beer on stage.


hexed says:

Not to mention that Dan from No For An Answer with "poison free" tattooed on his arm now owns a bar here in Huntington.

kchrist says:

Haha, that's great. I think I need to make a trip down there.

Didn't HB used to have a huge straight edge scene?

hexed says:

Here's some info:

Yeah, it was pretty massive around here. Pretty much all around OC, but it centered here because here was a cooler place to go fuck with people than in irvine and all the places they were from.

kchrist says:

the bar's centerpiece has to be its jukebox - It includes everything from the Damned and Minor Threat to Marvin Gaye, Johnny Cash, X, Dean Martin, the Clash, the Buzzcocks, Agent Orange, Tom Waits, Youth Brigade, and Blacks both Sabbath and Flag. "It's about 80 percent punk rock, with nothing newer than 10 years", Mahony explains.

Hey, that actually sounds pretty good. I was mostly joking about going down there but now I kinda think I should. Have you been there?

hexed says:

Yeah, I've always heard the music was great. Some of my friends are friends with Dan and go there all the time, but I've yet to ever make it. Yeah, it's 5 minutes away and I've never been. Tried once, but they were closed for unstated reasons, so it was a failed mission.

kchrist says:

So what are you waiting for? I expect a full report in the morning.

Seriously, it sounds like a trip down there is in order. We should plan do do that in the somewhat near future (preferably on a week night when it'll be less crowded).